Bowls results as Nationals approach

THE West Down national, ladies and junior championships take place next week at Gilford Community Centre.

This is a new venue for the Zone, this being the first time bowls has been played there, and with a bumper entry a great week’s bowling is guaranteed. All bowling enthusiasts are welcome to come along to add to the atmosphere and support your local competitors. Play will commence each evening at 6.45 p.m and the programme is as follows: Monday 26th - National Triples and Ladies Singles; Tuesday 27th - National Pairs and Ladies Triples; Wednesday 28th - National Singles; Thursday 29th - National Fours and Ladies Pairs; Friday 30th - Play-Offs and Junior Singles.

Week seven of the league was played this week some close matches but no real surprises. Holm Park just held on to take the bonus points against Scarva St: Holm Park 30-29 Scarva.St

Rink 1: C.Ogle,L.Aiken,D.McCandless,C.Sherwin 7-10 F.Hillen,M.Ewart,N.Craig,D.Watt; Rink 2: A.McGarrity, S.Alexander,M.Gamble,G.Dawson 8-5 R.Gourley,J.Mallon,K.Stevenson,L.Rea; Rink 3: G.McDowell,T.Ogle,K.Aiken,S.G.Malcolmson 8-7 E.Dickson,M.Nelson,H.Shannon,J.Dickson; Rink 4: A.Sudlow,S.Malcolmson,T.Wilson,J.McKenny 7-7 E.Gibson,A.Stevenson,D.Nelson,W.Kinnin.

Gilford R.B.L outscored Down Shoes at home: Gilford R.B.L 54-28 Down Shoes

Rink 1: M.Quail,N.Wisener,S.O’Hare,T.Adamson 9-10 J.Bunting,M.Ward,J.MvVeigh,M.Bunting; Rink 2: J.Broome,B.Wisener,G.McCoo,C.Broome 27-5 A.Murphy,S.McFadden,M.Campbell,G.Bunting; Rink 3: A.Wisener,E.McClean,E.McCoo,S.Dunn 13-7 B.Tumilty,K.Tumilty,S.Lively,D.Tumilty; Rink 4: T.McGivern,A.McBurney,L.McBurney,A.Magennis 5-6 S.Devlin,P.Henderson,M.Campbell

eisure Bowlers had a welcome win against Ballydougan: Leisure Bowlers 36-32 Ballydougan

Rink 1: T.Whitten,N.Cochrane,J.Noddings,W.Cochrane 8-9 C.Halliday,M.Leckey,M.Cassells,R.Cassells; Rink 2: J,Neill,A.McMullan,J.Barr,H.Barr 9-7 I.Henderson,G.Forsythe,R.Bingham,T.Devlin; Rink 3: B.Elliott,A.Mooney,J.Henderson,S.Kidd 14-3 E.Wilson,N.Johnston,M.Milligan,C.Fearon; Rink 4: B.upton,C.Whitten,F.Cairns,W.Walker 5-13 M.Milligan,H.Massey,R.Cassells,D.Malcolmson

Magherally and the Pavilion played out a drawn match: Magherally 38-38 Pavilion

Rink 1: N.Craig,A.Ingram,H.Steenson,D.McAuley 14-5 J.Donnelly,G.anderson,F.Dolan,J.McCullough; Rink 2: G.Beggs,I.McBride,K.McBride,S.McBride 5-13 J.Mackin,K.Kennedy,M.Ward,K.Stewart; Rink 3: M.Adair,W.Montgomery,K.Smith,L.Martin 5-11 G.McAleenan,T.McDowell,D.Moles,J.Major; Rink 4: I.Montgomery,P.Martin,S.Scott,J.Martin 14-9 E.Whyte,D.Preston,D.Thompson,V.Newall

Ballyvarley took the points at Annaclone: Annaclone 29-49 Ballyvarley

Rink 1: H.McAvoy,A.Pyres,M.McAvoy,J.McConville 3-15 L.Byrne,D.Lennon,J.McAvoy,S.Byrne; Rink 2: A.McAvoy,M.Haughey,T.McGivern,N.Kerr 9-15 V.Stewart,J.Lennon,G.McGarry,S.McGivern; Rink 3: V.Mullholland, M.O’Neill,B.Mullholland,J.Higgins 11-6 M.Burns,S.Lennon,A.Donald,M.McGrath; Rink 4: J.McNeill,D.McArdle,P.Pyres,M.Wallace 6-13 M.Lennon,G.O’Neill,C.McDermott,K.O’Neill

St.Patrick’s were at home to St.Joseph’s: St.Patrick’s 52-35 St.Joseph’s

Rink 1: I.Dickson,R.Serplus,A.Johnston,A.R.Johnston 19-4 J.Magennis,C.Savage,C.Rooney,C.Dillon; Rink 2: R.McCleary,K.Purnell,D.Carson,J.Gilliland 9-11 J.Morris,R.Sterritt,R.Magennis,L.Magennis; Rink 3: J.McClatchey,L.Purnell,I.Cousins,T.Martin 14-10 K.Magennis,A.O’Loughlin,Ron.Magennis B.Murphy; Rink 4: A.Gilliland,P.Hayes,D.Gilliland,G.Gilliland 10-10 F.Watters,P.Rooney,P.Linden,S.Murphy

A.S.Tullylish had a comfortable win against St.Colman’s: A.S.Tullylish 50-23 St.Colman’s

Rink 1: L.McCracken,H.Hylands,J.Gray,D.J.Wilson 11-7 C.Owens,L.McAvoy,N.Quinn,G.Crothers; Rink 2: A.Burrell,A.Canaway,D.Bowman,J.Wilson 11-7 Ann.Magee,B.Moore,A.Magee,G.Chambers; Rink 3: J.Black,D.Graham,T.Gray,E.Campbell 10-4 J.Wilson,M.Millar,C.Wilson,P.Convery; Rink 4: M.McAdam,G.McCracken,R.Martin,A.Leckey 18-5 D.Funnell,M.Wilson,P.Tumilty,C.Davis.