Bottom club hold McGrath's to a point

McGrath's 4

Friday, 12th February 2010, 3:35 pm
Updated Friday, 12th February 2010, 3:56 pm

Red Star B 4

BOTTOM club Red Star B were visitors to McGrath’s and returned home with a share of the points - a good result for the visitors.

Cliff Taylor and Linda McDowell were first at the oche and it was a double four that gave Cliff (100, 100, 125) the lead but Linda (95) made him fight and a good 48 finish pulled her level. Cliff (124) finished the strongest and a double 15 left Linda a long way from the double.

The scores were level in the next leg as the on form Jacqui Wilson (100), with a double 10, left Chris Malcomson needing 134. Chris (120) did have a chance to level the legs, coming from behind but Jacqui (100, 100) secured the win.

Marty McQuaid (99, 100) had to pull out all the stops to beat a determined Antoinette Barry with only the double separating the players in both legs.

At the half way stage the teams were level. John Mooney (95, 100) took the lead over Garth Crothers (98, 100) but Gareth hit back with the remaining two legs for a 2-1 win - his first of the season.

Ivan Waddell (96) had to depend on double one to lead Margaret Barry and again Ivan (100) got stuck on the same double, only this time she took advantage to level the legs. In a close decider Ivan won to regain his team’s lead.

At the end of the singles games Star pulled level once again. Colin Crothers (140, 100), Star’s most consistent thrower, beat Ronnie Malcomson (100, 100) 2-1.

PAIRS – Cliff Taylor and Marty McQuaid beat Gareth Crothers and Linda McDowell 2-0 and in the last game Star’s Jacqui Wilson and Colin Crothers tied the scores by beating Ronnie Malcomson and Ivan Waddell 2-1.

Park Inn 6

Top of the Town 2

Park Inn played host to an under strength Top of the Town who, with two throwers short, put up a fighting battle to score two wins.

Fiona McQuiggan received a bye in game one and Gareth Chambers (3x100) was too strong for Chris Dillon, leaving him in the 200s. A double one made it the win.

Davy Wallace (98) took the lead over Billy Leckey (102) but Billy (95/140) hit form and a double tops in the next two legs left Davy needing 122 and 295 to open Town’s score.

Nigel Kerr (96, 97) with a double six left Steven Weir (100, 100) on 54 and a 21 darter by Nigel (100) saw Steven trail on 86.

In game five Noel Gates (140/100) won his 11th game of the season - a double 12 and six gave Andrew Burns no chance. The last singles went to the Park through a bye, making the score 5-1.

PAIRS – Lindsay McFadden (100/121) and Nigel Kerr (140) beat Chris Dillon and Steven Weir (123) in a close doubles game while Town’s Billy Leckey and Andrew Burns beat Fiona McQuiggan and Clare Thornbury 2-0.

Red Star A 6

Higgins 2

The Star are starting to show a bit of form and are still in the hunt for a prize winning place after this easy win over Higgins.

Candy Toman (105, 100) took the lead over Eamon Savage who was looking 200 with 20 darts and Candy (100) made it look easy when he finished on double four with Eamon (116) struggling on 165.

The in form Alan McKnight (100) continued his winning ways with a double 19 to leave opponent Mark Foulks (100) on 48. Mark was back on 174 when Alan (140) made it 10 wins this season.

Higgins Midge Hylands (133) has had some big scalps this season but this week’s wasn’t in that category. He took an easy first leg win over Marty Conlon and on his way to the second leg win Midge (125) scored his second maximum of the season.

Paul Buchanan couldn’t match the scoring of Higgins Gary Gracey (100) who was consistent. Gary levelled the teams 2-2 at half time.

Maurice Orr (100), who has been having a lean season, found himself trailing to Damien Savage (137) but came from behind to level with Maurice, finishing on 58 when Damien missed 20. In the deciding leg which could have gone either way Maurice (97) hit 180 on his way to the win - his fifth this term.

Ian Redmond (100) started off with a top 116 finish against Billy Bell (100) but his finishing wasn’t so good in leg two and it took a double one to win the game.

PAIRS – Maurice Orr (99) and Ian Redmond (96/100/123) came from behind to beat Midge and Damien Savage who had a 148 checkout and in the last of the pairs Candy Toman (121/100/100) and Alan McKnight (140) beat Eamon Savage and Mark Foulks (95) 2-0.

Halfway Aces 6

Kevin’s 2

These two teams entered this match joint top of the league on 22 points with both sides having only one defeat this season.

Aces were determined to pay back their visitors for that defeat earlier in the season. Captain Neville Reid has his team in for practice every Tuesday night and it’s working.

Dylan Woosley and Nigel Peden were at the board first, Dylan starting with only one defeat from 13 games, while Nigel has one defeat from 11 games.

Everyone was expecting a tough game but Nigel (134, 100, 125) was the in-form thrower and a 56 finish on 17 darts left Dylan (99) a long way behind. Nigel (115, 99) went on to open Kevin’s score with a 20 finish.

Brian Reid (100, 95) had the teams level in the next game, leaving Neville Reid (100) needing 192 in leg one and 63 next leg.

Aces captain Neville Reid (95, 95, 100), with double 16, left Andy McComb on 192 but this didn’t deter Andy (125) and he was level with double eight when Neville (100, 140) missed tops. Andy couldn’t stick the pace and was a long way of the finish when Neville (100) gave his team the lead.

Next at the butts was Ronnie Herdman and Steven Banks, a game that the visitors needed to win but Steven (100, 132) was left on 73 when Ronnie (100, 100) took the lead on 20 darts. It was all one way in leg two and Steven was trailing on 191 when Ronnie (100, 100) finished on 36 to give his team a 3-1 half time lead

After the break Paul Dillon (121, 96) kept Kevin’s in the game. A double four left Roy Livingstone with 94. Roy (100, 100) held the lead in leg two and was on 40 only to see Paul (140, 95) finish for the win.

In the last of the singles and with the score 4-3 to the home team the visitors were determined to get back to level terms. Nipper Boyle and John Broome were at the board and Nipper (100) was first to throw, scoring the maximum and taking the lead with John (95) on 50.

But the visiting thrower won the battle of the doubles in leg two and levelled the score to leave it to the deciding leg.

Nipper (140, 101) again had darts and took a good lead. At the finish a double eight left John (133) back on 118, making sure of at least a point for the Aces.

PAIRS – Dylan Woosley (140/100) and Nipper Boyle (100/121) were the better pair and secured full points with a 2-0 win over Nigel Peden and John Broome (100), leaving them on 56 and 166. The last pairs also went to the Aces, Ronnie Herdman (123) and Neville Reid (140) - after poor finishing - beat Paul Dillon (100, 123/118) and Andy McComb 2-0 and go two points clear at the top.

Castle Bar 2

Halfway House 6

After last week’s disappointing result this win keeps Halfway House in the running for league honours but they had to battle against a fighting Castle team.

Home thrower Shane Haffey was left on 128 when Tony McKinstry (100, 100, 100) took the lead. Shane could have levelled before Tony made it 2-0.

Greg Harper (100/95) was just too good for Willie Herdman and his quick finishing left the latter needing 276 and 154 when he levelled the teams.

Castle’s Cliff Ritchie (100) took the lead over Alan Cochrane (100, 140) but was trailing on 181 when Alan (100) levelled on 21 darts. In the deciding leg Alan’s (95, 130, 100) doubles were still giving him trouble and it took a double one to regain Halfway’s lead.

Paul Ritchie didn’t make the doubles count when throwing against Tom Alderdice (100/120), Tom finishing the legs on 19 and 21 darts.

After the break Vince Conlon found himself trailing on 121 when his old mate Jim Brown took the lead. Vince (100) got chances to level but a double 16 secured the game for Jim (100).

The last singles game paired Lee King and Derek Reid. Lee (135,100) took the lead to leave Derek (100) needing 98. Lee (100, 100) should have went on and made it the win but it’s doubles that count and Derek (99) levelled on 45.

Again Derek (100, 100) got out of jail when Lee (95) couldn’t finish and this win made sure of full points.

PAIRS – Greg Harper and Lee King beat Tom Alderdice and Derek Reid 2-0 while Paul and Cliff Ritchie lost 2-0 to Alan Cochrane and Tony McKinstry

Fixtures for Thursday February 18: Higgins v McGrath’s, Kevin’s v Park Inn, Red Star A v Castle Bar, Halfway House v Young Guns, Top of the Town v Red Star B. Halfway Aces - Bye

League positions to date

TeamP W D L Pts

Halfway Aces 13 12 0 1 24

Kevin’s 13 11 0 2 22

Park Inn 13 10 1 2 21

Young Guns 13 9 2 2 20

Halfway House 13 8 1 4 17

Red Star A 13 7 2 4 16

Castle Bar 13 5 1 7 11

McGrath’s 13 3 3 7 9

Higgins 13 4 0 9 8

Top of the Town 13 1 2 10 4

Red Star B 13 1 2 10 4