Bobby on top form in this week’s angling

There were big numbers all round on buzzers, bloodworm, nymphs and lures this week with Bobby Rooney bringing in the top numbers with 17.

Paul Armstrong even managed to lift four in a two hours on Saturday on drys shipmans. Bobby Rooney’s 17 came on yellow hares ear nymphs including one at 3lb. Andy McGuire landed 17 on two visits on various flys, Tommy Wharry landed 16 on black nomad and red dawlbachs, Alan Temple landed 15 on mixed lures and Mervin Alexander landed 14 on lures.

Cecil Barron landed 13 on mixed lures including one at 6.8-7lb. Jim Magill netted 13 on bloodworm, buzzers and lures, Martin Foster landed 13 on mixed lures and Dermot Morrow landed 12 on conamara blacks and leeches including one at 3+lb! Ian Ramsey Jr landed 12 on silver sleeches, Darrell McKinley landed 12 on mixed lures, Billy Hazalett landed 12 on bloodworms, Derek Vance landed 10 on mixed buzzers and lures, Leslie Beggs landed 9 on mixed lures and Jim Simpson landed 9 on nomads and dawlbachs.

Jim Kennedy landed 9 on dawlbachs and Montana’s, Raymond Neill landed 8 on mixed lures, Robert McMurray landed 8 on bloodworms and buzzers, Jeff Davidson landed 8 on bloodworm and black buzzers and Keith Henry landed 7 on mixed lures including one at 4+lb. David McBurney landed 6 on mixed lures, Matt McClean landed 7 and Jason McClean 5 on mixed flys.

Flys of the week were the same as last week - bloodworm, buzzers and lures.