Bloodworms prove the right bait for Jim

With typical weather of four seasons in one day, and four different wind directions as well, fishing conditions were difficult this week.

Jim Magill, however, wasn’t too troubled as he caught 17 fish on a mixture of bloodworms and buzzers. Leslie Beggs came in five behind, landing 12 on cat’s whiskers as Jim Surgeoner netted 10 on mixed lures.

John Hayburn landed 11 on mixed buzzers and lures including one big catch that weighed in at five pounds. Paul McKeown brought in 10 on bloodworms and buzzers while Craig Murray went for a different approach as he landed eight on dawlbachs and nymphs.

John Hughes netted seven on various flys while Houston Coulter and John Carson both went for mixed lures, reeling in eight and six respectively. Carson even landed one at 3.8 pounds.

Martin Allan landed six on black bloodworms and black and green buzzers. Jim Adamson netted six on mixed lures and Keith Henry and Tom Smith landed seven each on mixed lures.

Davy Couples went for a dual approach, bringing in three on damsels and four on bloodworms. Robert Cairns netted six on rubber legged daddies, Ryan McAuley landed five on pearly daddies and Uel Stewart eight on mixed lures.

Robert Paul landed a couple on olive shipmans. Matthieu Morrow only landed three fish but he didn’t care. It was quality over quantity as they weighted in at over three pounds, seven pounds and eight pounds on damsels and black and green lures.

Most fish caught this week were on bloodworms and any anglers said that the fish were right down on the bottom. These might be good tips if you are planning on coming next week.