Best win of the season for Down Shoes

DOWN Shoes had their best win of the season when they defeated Gilford R.B.L at home.

Down Shoes 46-37 Gilford R.B.L

Rink 1: B.Tumilty, K.Tumilty, S.Lively, D.Tumilty 8-11 E.McClean, N.Wisener, E.McCoo, S.Dunn; Rink 2: J.Bunting, S.McFadden, P.Henderson, M.Bunting 14-7 J.Broome, A.Wisener, B.Wisener, C.Broome; Rink 3: A.Murphy, B.McCoy, Marg.Campbell, K.McCoy 14-10 J.Murtagh, P.Moore, S.O’Hare, T.Adamson; Rink 4: E.Neill, D.Rea, M.Ward, Mark.Campbell 10-9 L.McBurney, A.McBurney, G.Strain, A.Magennis.

Ballyvarley moved up the league with a good home win

Ballyvarley 42-29 Ballydougan

Rink 1: R.McGivern, G.O’Neill, G.McGrath, K.O’Neill 10-6 G.Wilson, H.Massey, R.Bingham, C.Fearon; Rink 2: V.Stewart, A.Donald, G.McGarry, S.McGivern 10-10 E.Wilson, M.Leckey, T.Devlin, D.Malcolmson; Rink 3: M.Lennon, D.Lennon, J.McAvoy, S.Byrne 10-11 C.Halliday, N.Whyte, Robt. Cassells, R.Cassells; Rink 4: J.Lennon, P.J. Johnston, C.McDermott, M.McGrath 12-2 S.Whyte, N.Johnston, B.Boness, R.McCullough.

Holm Park were to strong for Scarva Street

Scarva. St 30-40 Holm Park

Rink 1: M.McCarrison, E.Dickson, N.Craig, J.Dickson 8-9 M.Dawson, M.Gamble, G.Dawson, D.McCandless; Rink 2: S.Livingston, M.Martin, H.Shannon, B.Livingston 7-15 C.Ogle, L.Aiken, T.Wilson, G.Clingham; Rink 3: E.Gibson, A.Stevenson, D.Nelson, W.Kinnin 9-6 G.McDowell, S.Smith, T.Smith, S.G.Malcolmson; Rink 4: F.Hillen, M.Ewart, M.Nelson, D.Watt 6-10 A.Sudlow, T.Sudlow, K.Aiken, J.McKenny.

Magherally had a good win against second placed St.Patrick’s

Magherally 55-31 St.Patrick’s

Rink 1: I.Montgomery, P.Martin, S.Scott, J.Martin 17-6 R.Johnston, W.McCullough, D.Gilliland, J.Gilliland; Rink 2: M.Adair, E.Robb, K.Smith, L.Martin 20-6 R.Faulkner, L.Purnell, I.Cousins, T.Martin; Rink 3: G.Beggs, N.Craig, K.McBride, S.McBride 12-8 I.Dickson, P.Hayes, D.Carson, G.Gilliland; Rink 4: A.Anderson, A.Ingram, H.Steenson, D.McAuley 6-11 L.Walker, R.Serplus, A.Johnston, A.R.Johnston.

The Pavilion are the pace setters in division two

Pavilion 60-23 Leisure Bowlers

Rink 1: D.Thompson, G.Henderson, V.Newall, P.McClatchey 11-7 N.Cochrane, F.Martin, J.Scott, W.Cochrane; Rink 2: D.Preston, J.McCullough, J.Hamilton, K.Stewart 16-2 J.Finney, B.Elliott, A.Mooney, L.McCreanor; Rink 3: J.Donnelly, K.Kennedy, F.Dolan, C.Wilson 19-4 L.Heaney, P.Jones, W.Walker, S.Kidd; Rink 4: G.McAleenan, T.McDowell, D.Moles, J.Major 14-10 T.Ledlie, A.McMullan, J.Barr, H.Barr.

The second half of the Campbell cup will be played on Thursday February 21 in the Banbridge Pavilion starting at 6.45pm. The Friendship Cups will be played in Dromore Pavilion on Friday February 22. Secretaries note entries for the Zone championships close on Friday February 22.