Banbridge cyclists get into a spin ahead of new season

Members of Banbridge Cycling Club who are taking part in spinning classes.
Members of Banbridge Cycling Club who are taking part in spinning classes.

BANBRIDGE Cycling Club has held another successful winter spinning training series.

The class has been held on Wednesday nights at Banbridge Leisure Centre at 8pm.

Gerry Beggs one of the club coaches put the program together which has proved very popular over the last few months.

Spinning is a cardiovascular cycling workout on a stationary bike on which the tension can be increased, decreased.

A spinning workout of 45 - 60 minutes may allow you to burn around 500-700 calories, which is a huge amount when compared to other types of workout. However, the amount of calories you burn will depend on the intensity of the workout you have to adjust your bike according to the intensity you desire.

The spinning workout may help you build some muscle tone. The workout will focus on the core muscles, as well as the buttocks and thighs (which helps when wearing lycra). You can increase and decrease the tension of the bike; this is similar to riding up and down a hill. While you pedal, you will work your thighs and calves. If you maintain the correct position on the bike, you will also work on your abdominal muscles.

Unlike other types of activities such as jogging, which can be unpleasant when performed during the months with extreme temperatures, a spinning class can be performed at any time during the year.

As you can see spinning can suit all age groups and offers a great workout should you try.

Cheers Gerry for all the hard work and keep up the good work from the Club.