Ballydougan continue to surprise as they beat St Joseph’s in league

Ballydougan pulled off another shock this week in the Windsor Bakery Indoor Bowling League Division One.

They followed up their surprise victory over St. Patrick’s with an impressive 38-30 win over St Joseph’s at the pass. In Division Two, St. John’s continued to lead the way with a convincing 58-22 victory over Down Shoes.

Division One

St.Colman’s 41

St.Patrick’s 28

St Colman’s good form continues.

Rink:1 C.Wilson,F.O’Dowd,N.Quinn,G.Chambers 11 v R.Faulkner,L.Purnell,I.Cousins,T.Martin 5

Rink:2 C.Owens,J.Owens,C.Wilson,P.Convery 9 v I.Dickson,J.McClatchey,D.Gilliland,D.Carson 8

Rink:3 H.Funes,E.Byrne,L.McAvoy,C.McCartan 14 v L.Kennedy,P.Hayes,K.Purnell,G.Gilliland 6

Rink:4 E.Gorman,D.Funnell,M.Wilson,P.Tumilty 7 v B.Serplus,J.Daly,W.McCullough,A.Johnston 9

St.Joseph’s 30

Ballydougan 38

Ballydougan pull off another shock.

Rink:1 J.Magennis,F.Watters,P.Linden,S.Murphy 7 v M.Milligan,H.Massey,Rob.Kennedy,C.Ferron 6

Rink:2 K.Magennis,R.Sterritt,C.Rooney,C.Dillon 9 v C.Halliday,R.Bingham,L.Milligan,M.Milligan 9

Rink:3 B.McVeigh,Rog.Magennis,Ron.Magennis,L.Magennis 11 v S.Cubitt,N.Johnston,N.Whyte,R.McCullough 9

Rink:4 A.O’Loughlin,C.Savage,R.Kidd,B.Murphy 3 v I.Henderson,M.Leckey,T.Devlin,D.Malcolmson 14

Scarva.St 34

Holm Park 38

Scarva.St and Holm Park had a close game.

Rink:1 F.Hillen,A.Stevenson,K.Stevenson,D.Watt 6 v G.McDowell,S.Smith,R.Greer,T.Smith 9

Rink:2 M.Nelson,E.Dickson,J.Dickson,N.Craig 8 v C.Ogle,L.Aiken,W.Clingham,J.McKenny 10

Rink:3 E.Gibson,A.Campbell,D.Nelson,W.Kinnin 14 v M.Dawson,Suzy.Smith,G.Dawson,G.Clingham 9

Rink:4 R.Gourley,S.Livingston,H.Shannon,B.Livingston 6 v N.Shaw,S.Malcolmson, S.G.Malcolmson,C.Sherwin 10

A.S.Tullylish 50

Magherally 25

A.S. Tullylish were comfortable victors.

Rink:1 A.N.Other,L.McCracken,T,Gray,J.Gray 13 v M.Adair,N.Craig,E.Robb,K.Smith 5

Rink:2 N.McAuley,V.Leckey,A.Cannaway,J.Wilson 13 v G.Beggs,A.Ingram,K.McBride,S.McBride 6

Rink:3 M.McAdam,G.McCracken,D.Graham,E.Campbell 18 v I.Montgomery,L.Martin,P.Martin,J.Martin 5

Rink:4J.Black,H.Hylands,S.Black,D.Bowman 6 v A.Anderson,W.Steenson,H.Steenson,D.McAuley 9

Division Two

Down Shoes 22

St.John’s 58

St John’s continue to set the pace

Rink:1 M.Sands,B.Tumilty,M.Ward,K.Sands 3 v M.Campbell,B.Conlon,M.McInerney,N.Garvy 19

Rink;2 J.Bunting,P.Henderson,S.Campbell,M.Bunting 8 v A.McKee,O.Breen,E.O’Neill,A.Magee 11

Rink:3 S.Rea,S.McFadden,G.Burns,S.Lively 3 v N.Kinnin,C.McCourt,N.Hamilton,A.Polin 18

Rink:4 D.Small,A.Murphy,J.McVeigh,Mark.Campbell 8 v S.Garvey,B.Fitzpatrick,N.Conlon,F.Polin 10

Meanwhile, the following men’s team has been selected to play North West Zone in Loughbrickland Presbyterian church hall on Saturday 23rd of November at 2pm.

All players and reserves are asked to report to the Zone convenor by 1.30pm. Dress code: zone top or white shirt/grey trousers and bowling shoes.

Any player or reserve must notify zone convenor immediately if unable to play.

S.McBride,D.McAuley,J.Martin,K.McBride (Magherally) D.Gilliland,A.Johnston (St.Patrick’s) C.Sherwin G.Clingham (Holm Park) B.Murphy,S.Murphy C.Dillon L.Magennis,R.Kidd (St.Joseph’s) J.Gray,D.Graham,E.Campbell,J.Wilson (A.S.Tullylish) L.Graham,L.Murray (Dromore.N.S) R.Scott (Garvaghy) P.Convery,G.Chambers C.McCartan (St.Colman’s) Reserves: A.Ingram (Magherally) J.McKenny (Holm Park) D.Malcolmson,C.Fearon (Ballydougan) D.Bowman (A.S.Tullylish).