Armoy - a ground breaking project!

IT’S that time of the year – Spring is in the air in Armoy!

Wednesday, 6th March 2013, 8:36 am

And you can cast aside the winter blues and get into the swing of things this Saturday in Armoy.

Armoy Community Association was absolutely delighted to receive £250 from Moyle Good Relations programme for a project called ‘Blossom where you are planted!’

The idea came from Judith Graham – and whilst veterinary is her line of business she’s interested in the environment. Basically she questioned why folk plant imported shrubs?

“Why not plant fruit bushes in and around the village? Let folk pick the fruit and if it isn’t picked then it won’t be lost as it will attract birds,” she said.

This then struck a cord with older people who could remember where all the fruit trees used to be on farms and orchards around Armoy. It made sense then to grow your own and it makes sense now.

It was a matter of getting some money and Moyle Council accepted what we are proposing as being worthy of support.

So, the group are looking for help from within the village on Saturday morning – 9th March at 10 am – indeed those from anywhere are most welcome.

Roma Stevens, Chair of the Armoy Over 55 Club, was delighted: “It’s a splendid idea; we have so many talented bakers in our group. They are brilliant. “Yes, of course they will be delighted to instruct the young ones in the schools how to bake tarts etc.”

But that is down the line a wee bit!

On Saturday the Community Association hopes to see Judith’s idea firmly taking root in and around Armoy.

You are most welcome to be part of this ground breaking community project!

If you require any info contact Gerry Burns 207 51032.