Anglers battle frosty conditions

Ground frost and bitter winds this weekend didn’t stop a few impressive angling performances.

The fish seem to be adjusting to the cooler tempratures but are still feeding on the bottom. Martin Foster netted 14 on mixed lures and Ian Flemming hauled an equally impressive 14 on mixed lures and bloodworms.

Jim Magill landed 12 on bloodworms, lures and damsels including one weighing in at 3lb. Derek Vance landed 11 on mixed lures including one at a full 7lb. D humpries landed 10 on nomads and lures, Jason McClean landed 10 on black lures and Andy pollock netted 13 on mixed lures.

David pollock landed nine on mixed lures, Ryan McCauley hauled in nine on pearly daddies including one notable fish at 5.8lb. Colin Foster landed seven on mixed lures, Colin Mcilwaine landed seven on various flys, Jim Simpson landed eight on mixed dawlbachs and lures.

There were a few other nice fish caught this weekend as Alan temple landed a 4.8lb fish on a black and red lure, Jason McQuaide landed a massive 7.8lb on an olive snake and Eric Murray landed a nice brown trout on a bloodworm. Colin Kenny also netted a brownie on a lure as the black and green and green and white flies brought in the best of the week.