All Saints continue charge to title


Wednesday, 3rd December 2014, 12:05 pm

St John’s 45

St Colman’s 38

Rink 1 Ann Magee, J Nesbitt, D Breen, A Magee 20 -V- D Funnell, E Gorman, N Quinn, T McCartan 4

Rink 2 P Gray, O Breen, F Polin, A Polin 15 -V- B McAlinden, E Byrne, C Wilson, P Tumilty 6

Rink 3 D Jonston, N Kinnin, B Conlon, N Conlon 4 -V- Chloe Wilson, H Convery, B Wilson, C McCartan 20

Rink 4 J Cunningham, M McInearney, P Gray, N Hamilton 6 -V- C Owens, F O’Dowd, L McEvoy, G Chambers 8

Magherally 36 Holm Park 32

Rink 1 J McBride, C Henry, A Ingram, I McBride 8 -V- M Dawson, S Malcolmson, A Malcolmson, S McCartney 7

Rink 2 A Anderson, G Beggs, H Steenson, L Martin 9 -V- T Sudlow, T Wilson, D McCandless, J McKenny 6

Rink 3 I Montgomery, E Steele, W Steenson, J Martin 8 –V- A McGarrity, S Harrison, N Shaw, S G Malcomson 8

Rink 4 A Whitelaw, N Craig, E Robb, K Smith 11 -V- M Ward, K Aiken, W Clinghan, C Sherwin 11

All Saints 49 St Joseph’s 22

Rink 1 A Burrell, V Leckey, J Gray, J Wilson 11 -V- C O’Neill, M O’Neill, R Kidd, C Dillon 3

Rink 2 J Black, H Hylands, S Black, D Bowman 8 -V- J O’Neill, P Magennis, H Dillon, L Magennis 7

Rink 3 M McAdam, R Bolton, D Graham, E Campbell 14 -V- K Magennis, C Rooney, P Linden, S Murphy 7

Rink 4 N McAuley, C Coleman, A Cannaway, D J Wilson 16 -V- F Watters, R Sterritt, R Magennis, B Murphy 5


Ballydougan 42 Annaclone 32

Rink 1 I Henderson, E Wilson, C Law, Rbt Cassells 16 -V- H McAvoy, J McNeill, T McGivern, N Kerr 10

Rink 2 C Haliday, M Leckey, M Cassells, R Cassells 14 -V- D McArdle, P J McClory, P Pyres, C McAvoy 3

Rink 3 S Turkington, H Massey, D Malcomson, T Devlin 8 -V- P McKenan, M O’Neill, B Mulhaolland, J Higgins 6

Rink 4 G Forsythe, N Johnston, N Whyte, S Whyte 4 -V- V Mulholland, M McAvoy, T McConville 13


- West Down Zone fee and capitation monies are well overdue. Forward to treasurer.

- IIBA fee is now well overdue. All outstanding clubs please forward to Beth Wilson ASAP.

- Registered players lists are well overdue. Could all clubs who have not yet submitted their list please forward to Beth Wilson ASAP.

TABLEs (results missing)


All Saints 51.5

St John’s 34

St Joseph’s 31.5

St Colman’s 30

Holm Park 29

Magherally 28.5

St Patrick’s 22.5

Scarva Street 9.5

Division Two

Geraldines 44

Pavilion 27.5

Ballydougan 27

Ballyvarley 25

Leisure Bowlers 21

Down Shoes 16

St Colman’s 14.5