Alex on target at Rathfriland

THE latest shoot in Rathfriland's summer season took place on Thursday May 13.

Monday, 17th May 2010, 10:33 am
Updated Monday, 17th May 2010, 2:53 pm

A total of 13 lines were shot. This resulted in 10 shooters making the shoot-off, managing that 20/60 score.

Shoot-off one consisted of Norval Harrison, Liam Austin, Derek McAdam, Frank McKay and junior shooter Alex Graham. From this line it was the youthful Alex Graham who shot best, managing a 59.

The second shoot-off was made up of David Megaw, Gary McCartney, David Graham, Geoff Dale and Raymond Graham. There were two shooters from this line who matched the 59, namely David Graham and Geoff Dale.

The three were forced to face off and after their first line it was David Graham who dropped out, unable to keep up with the other finalists’ 20/60 scores.

However it was impressive shooting from arguably one of the most-improved shooters in the Rathfriland area. In the sudden death between Geoff Dale and Alex Graham it was the junior who stuck it out to take away the win.

Results were as follows: 1st, Alex Graham; 2nd, Geoff Dale; 3rd, David Graham.

The shooting was very impressive to watch, especially from all three finalists. Geoff Dale has been in sparkling form at Rathfriland this summer already and after shooting an incredible 100/299 to take High Gun at Culbann at the weekend he will be pushing hard to make the international team this year. The same can be said for Alex Graham who is fighting hard to make the junior squad and continuing to impress with his recent good form.

Shooting continues at Rathfriland on Thursday May 20 with shooting commencing at 5pm sharp. With the summer season now in full swing, all shooters are welcome.