100 take part in 12 hole event


The inclement weather caused the cancellations of the sweeps on Monday and Thursday. Everyone was glad to see the course in full operation on Saturday.

Close to 100 players took part in the Pro Shop 12 holes sweep.

This was the second Saturday Sweep of the year so far and it is proving to be very rewarding for two players in particular.

Kenny Jones has won the high section on both occasions while Shane Rooney has taken a first prize and a runners-up prize in the low section.

Philip McCourt had an eventful round. He had a birdie 2 at the eighth hole and an eagle 2 at the fifth hole. How about that!


1st- Gareth McGregor (9) 29 points.

2nd- Shane Rooney (8) 29 points.

SECTION 10-17.

1st- John Doran (14) 31 points.

2nd- Colin Mckinney (15) 30 points.


1st- Kenny Jones (19) 31 points.

2nd- Eamon Galloway (19) 31 points.