Avenue One setting the trends

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MULTI-AWARD winning salon, Avenue One, continues to set the trends in Northern Ireland when it comes to beauty treatments.

The salon, which won the Leader’s Banbridge And District Business Awards’ Best Customer Service category and our Salon of the Year trophy, offers the revolutionary CACI anti-ageing treatment.

Madonna, Cindy Crawford and Jennifer Lopez are amongst the fans of CACI and, it seems, plenty of women from the district and beyond are reaping the benefits of it as well.

“We set trends in here,” said Sarah Callan, proprietor of Avenue One. “We are always looking ahead in the beauty market to see what is new.

“I had a waiting list for the CACI treatment before I even received the machine and two years on there is still a waiting list.

“It uses the very latest pioneering technologies and has been voted the most effective treatment available. My clients would agree, they just love the results.

Sarah says that the beauty industry has been hit hard in the current economic climate as people are forced to give up their luxuries to get by.

“We have a lot of businesswomen and wives of wealthy businessmen who are regular clients.

“Many have been hit hard by the recession and rather than miss out completely on their treatments we worked with them to reduce prices and work out a year-long plan for them that they can afford and which will allow them to enjoy their beauty treatments.”

After years of maticulous planning Sarah settled on Gilford as a location for her salon, which opened in 2003.

“I was always working towards it and for years I carried a wee black book with me to write down any ideas for my own salon.

“I did a lot of research on the location and even though Gilford is a sleepy wee village it was ideal in terms of offering the privacy women want and the parking.

“We always strive to achieve balance between body and mind, in idyllic surroundings with a dedicated team of professionals.

“Our team is fantastic and all of us are members of the international beauty theraphy association, cidesco, and hold the cidesco diploma which is the world’s most prestigious qualification in the field of theraphy.

“We recognise that every client is individual and so our work is modified to meet each person’s specific needs.”

Sarah likes to give back to the community who have supported her and to date has donated over £8,000 for worthy causes, as well as running a number of workshops for vunerable young people.