Youth project in line for £13,500


It has been recommended that Banbridge District Council awards £13,500 to a local youth project.

At the recent meeting of the council’s Leisure and Development Committee members discussed the application from the SELB’s Every Night Project for financial assistance.

The Rathfriland Street centre is described as attracting young people as it is a safe space where they can come to relax, volunteer and get involved in projects.

The Council’s Community Development Officer, Robert Stockley, clarified that the project is open every evening as well as two afternoons and the SELB contribute staff costs to the project.

The Officer added that monitoring statistics and a written evalutaion report on the project’s operation are provided to the Council on an annual basis.

Councillor Junior McCrum explained that it is a great facility with a large amount of young people using it.

He said it was used mainly by those who do not attend other youth clubs and gives young people somewhere to go therefore keeping them off the streets .

The Director of Leisure and Development, Catriona Regan, added that there is a definite need to address the issue of drugs in Banbridge Town and the Every Night Project is ideal for educating young poeple as they are in an environment which thay are happy to be in. Councillor Marie Hamilton suggested that the group be invited to provide a short presentation at a future meeting of the committee.