Trying to trace John’s family

DEAR Editor,

I am trying to trace the family of my adopted brother who died recently, August 11 2011) in Sydney, Australia.

His original birth name was John Carol McCallister, born in Banbridge District Hospital on September 20 1937 to Annie McCallister (housekeeper). She was formally a Clarke of Bally Valley Road.

He was adopted in Belfast in 1940 and given a new name - George Timothy Connor. I was also adopted in Belfast and found my birth family some years ago.

He and his new family emigrated to Australia in 1948.

To close the last chapter on George’s life, I would like to correspond with his family as I am sure there must be someone who would like to know about his life and have a photograph of him. I believe that George always wanted to go back to Ireland and find his family but just didn’t get around to it.

I hope that due to the length of time since his birth (73 years) that no one would be hurt by this enquiry.

I would be very happy to correspond with anyone who wishes to reply.

Yours sincerely,

Anne Mutton

EDITOR’S NOTE: If you are a member of John’s family or you know someone who might be then get in touch with us in the Leader office. Call 406 62745 or email and we will put you in touch with Anne.