Young driver denies racing with a friend

A 20 year old local man charged with careless driving, denied he was racing on the A1 dual carriageway, but was “messing about” with a friend in another car.

Kyle McCracken from Legananny Hall Road, was fined £75 and given six penalty points when he appeared at the local court last Thursday.

District Judge Mr Copeland reminded him possession of a driving licence is a “privilege and not a right“ and abuse of it can lead to disqualification.

The court heard how police spotted McCracken and another motorist on 3 March last year on the A1.

Police suspected they were racing and at one stage McCracken pulled in front of the other car and exited at the Rathfriland Road junction. He looked out his window and laughed at the other car.

Officers stopped the other car and McCracken was identified as the defendant. He denied racing but said him and a friend were messing about.

Solicitor Mr Byrne said his client was a hard working young man who worked for three local farmers. His work requires him to be on the road from 6am.

“He realises his behaviour on the day was not acceptable. He is well aware of he court’s view of young drivers and has three points on his licence.”

Mr Copeland said, “This was a reckless and foolish carry on. However, it is only fair you are not disqualified but you come very close to it. If you behave like this again you will lose your licence for a long period of time. Your driving standards have to be exemplary if you want to avoid disqualification in the future.”

“You now have nine points on your licence and you know the implications of that.”