XS nightclub launches at the Belmont Hotel

XS night club launch at the Belmont
XS night club launch at the Belmont

Banbridge’s newest nightclub ‘XS’ has been officially launched following extensive work at the Belmont Hotel by its new owners.

The revamped nightclub at the Belmont held a preview evening on Friday 4 December before it opened to the public the following night.

Work is planned in early January 2016 for the redevelopment of the remainder of the Belmont Hotel and it is scheduled to be completed by the end of March.

The XS Nightclub launch night saw 300 media and friends introduced to the club with a lighting show.

General Manager Gareth Stewart was delighted with the success of the launch.

He said: “After the new owners took over about 10 weeks ago the night club was closed and we’ve totally transformed it in that time.

“We have a new entrance to the club and everything inside is brand new. The design has been completely changed.

“The place is state of the art and one of the best nightclubs around at the minute. We’ve changed the entrance policy to over 20s as well.”

XS Nightclub are operating a new booking system on their website and new mobile app where tables and drinks can be pre-booked.

Gareth said: “Nowhere else in Northern Ireland has a system like this. You can actually go on and choose the exact seat you want. We have a new foyer where our hosts will meet you and bring you straight to your seat.

“You can also pre-order your drinks through this system, including when you are at the nightclub.”

The Belmont Hotel recently held a recruitment drive and hired 122 staff for the nightclub, hotel and restaurant.

The nightclub is operating with over 60 staff each night it is open.

XS Nightclub will be open every Saturday, as well as Boxing Night when Frank Jez will be playing and New Year’s Eve when DJ Tando provides the music.

In keeping with the Belmont tradition, XS Nightclub will also be hosting a Christmas Party on December 22 where £1,000 in cash will be given away in prizes for their festive games during the night.

The new nightlcub already seems to be a hit with Banbridge revellers.

One girl rated the club as five stars on their Facebook page and left a glowing review.

Rebecca White said: “Brilliant opening weekend. Everyone involved should be very proud!

“Beautiful renovation and fantastic atmosphere. Everyone should get down and experience it! Good luck for the future.”