Welcome for new signage at Cline Road

RESIDENTS of the Cline Road area are delighted with their brand new signage which was erected recently.

Members of Cline Road Community Association met with MLA Jo-Anne Dobson, who lobbied Banbridge District Council on their behalf, to view the new signage and also old signage which has been spruced up.

“The Cline Road Community Association is a prime example of residents working together for a brighter future for their estate and the wider community,” said Mrs Dobson. “I was so pleased to be able to help them in brightening up their existing signage and also securing new Neighbourhood Watch and ‘No Dog Fouling’ signs.

“I know that dog fouling is and has been an ongoing problem which the association has been keen to tackle. They want to put a stop to those who allow their dogs to foul on the footpaths in the estate and I know from speaking with residents that they will report anyone to the relevant authorities.”

Highlighting another issue within the estate, Mrs Dobsn said association members have lobbied a number of agencies regarding a “major eyesore” property in the vicinty.

“Another issue which the association wants to see resolved relates to a property within the estate which was a major eyesore,” added Mrs Dobson. “I lobbied a number of agencies to have this matter resolved and am pleased to see that new fencing has been put up at the site.

“I would like to commend the hard work of the members of the association as they work in the best interests of all the residents of the estate.

“I look forward to seeing the outcome of their recent work in relation to their ‘Community Garden’ which I know will be a further positive enhancement for the Cline Road Estate.”