Weedy response to pavement problem


Financial cut backs have been cited as the reason why some Banbridge Housing Estates have become eyesores overgrown with weeds, but the Department has said it cannot confirm when the problem will be addressed.

Residents at one estate are so disgusted with the situation that pictures of their pavements riddled with weeds were snapped and posted on social media with the sarcastic note ‘Iveagh Park Banbridge, the DOE best kept housing estate’.

Calling for action, Councillor Glenn Barr contacted the Department for Regional Development on July 21, but was told they cannot confirm when a weed removal programme for the area will commence.

In a letter the DRD said: “Due to the financial cut backs our weed spraying program was not able to commence this year which included Areema Heights and Iveagh Park.

“I have issued an instruction to our internal contractor to scuffle the weeds along the kerb lines and footways in both estates but unfortunately due to limited resources and other competing resources I cannot confirm when this is likely to start.”

Councillor Barr said he is disappointed they have not agreed to take action straight away, but is nonetheless optimistic something will be done soon.

“At least we have an assurance that something will be done about the problem at some stage and although they won’t commit to when, I’m hopeful we will see them out treating weeds soon. It’s awful these areas have been allowed to become an eyesore but it is down to financial restrictions placed on the department after being lambasted by the Finance Minister.”

Commenting on the situation at Iveagh Park, Noleen Magill said: “That’s out my back and it’s a flipping eyesore, disgusting, it wouldn’t happen in a private housing estate,” while Dagmar Von Cysewski said: “Another estate’s got new footpaths and road surfaces and we can’t even get a weed killer for it.”

Councillor Barr has said he will be watching the situation, to ensure that it will be dealt with.