Wastebusters is name of the game for New-Bridge pupils

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YEAR eight students from New-Bridge Integrated College attended the annual ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ W5 roadshow in the Iveagh Cinema.

Students were involved in an interactive gameshow called ‘Wastebusters’ where the boys played against the girls with help from the audience.

Members of the audience were chosen to take part in a number of tasks and the teams collected points depending on whether they has asked the challenge question correctly.

The first tasks involved working out the costs to collect waste and paying the bin man, politicians and landfill land owner.

A variety of tasks were to follow including creating flammable gas, modelling a new range of ‘ Bags for Life’ from local supermarkets, sorting cans in the ‘Steel or No Steel’ game, and making a mess from food waste.

The girls team took an early lead but the boys team made a comeback towards the final stages of the show. The girls won 4-3. As the game show host David commented, “Waste is not fun, it costs money to collect and it is important to do your bit to reduce the cost and protect the environment.”