Warning on state of health service

South Down Independent Unionist John McCallister has warned of ‘catastrophic consequences’ facing every family in South Down given the ‘current state of the health service.’

Thursday, 4th September 2014, 12:53 pm

Mr McCallister has called for the Executive to get its act together fast and start dealing with the real crisis at hand.

He said: “We really are in a deeply worrying place in terms of healthcare and patients’ lives could be at risk. “Our Health Minister has said his department faces a £140m shortfall. This problem won’t go away. The Executive needs to remember they are the Government of Northern Ireland and they need to start acting like one.

“We need the Executive to either reform or get to grips on issues such as Welfare Reform, Education and of course Health.Health is in meltdown and this problem will affect each and every one of us in South Down.”