VIDEO: Dromore to Lurgan road subsides

Police closed the Dromore to Lurgan road this morning after heavy overnight rain across Northern Ireland caused partial subsidence of the route at one location.

The PSNI advised motorissts right across Northern Ireland to drive with caution this morning due to the ongoing impact of heavy rain,

Flooding on the Dromore to Lurgan Road on Tuesday night was in places the most severe it has been in some years.

Roads Service said the A1 Southbound at its junction with the Gowddystown Road/Katesbridge Rd junction, was closed this morning due to flooding. A contraflow was in place which is likely to result in traffic delays.

The Knockgorm Road, Banbridge, between the Ballela Road and Cattlehill Road, was also closed due to flooding with a local diversion is in place.

“Given the overnight rain, it is likely that localised run-off from fields, ponding or flooding of roads will present potential hazards to morning road users,” Roads Service said. “All road users should take care and be alert to the possibility of these hazards and drive according to the conditions encountered.”

The Met Office has issued severe weather warnings for parts of Northern Ireland, south west and southern England, Wales and Scotland, saying “persistent and heavy” rain was expected to bring the risk of localised flooding.

Areas of higher ground in Northern Ireland, south west England and Wales could see up to 70mm (2.8in) fall over Thursday and Friday.

The average total rainfall for the UK over the whole of November is 120mm (4.7in).

Meteorologists said people should be aware of the risk of localised flooding in the areas covered by warnings, which are in effect over different periods until the weekend.

The downpours could also be accompanied by “strong and gusty” winds, the Met Office added.