Vehicle was in a dangerous state

A Banbridge man caught driving a vehicle in a dangerous condition with no insurance or VTC, appeared before last week’s local court.

Ryan Peter Martin from Brookfield Meadows, was fined a total of £410 and awarded six penalty points. He also had to pay an offender’s levy of £15.

A PPS Prosecutor told the court how police were on duty at Downshire Place car park on 11 December last when Martin drove in.

On seeing police, he reversed and attempted to drive off, but officers stopped him.

It was discovered that he had no insurance and the VTC had expired on 8 October 2012.

On examination, police found the vehicle to be in a very poor state of repair with a tyre devoid of tread and a fault with the lights.

A solicitor for 23 year old Martin said his client was an electrician employed by the same company for the past seven years.

Referring to the insurance charge, the solicitor said Martin had missed a payment due to a letter being sent to an old address.

“He forgot about it but is now fully insured for his current vehicle.”