Unprovoked attack on man

A 22 year old Banbridge man who launched an unprovoked attack on another male on New Year’s Day last year, did so in a “chilling” manner, said the local District Judge.

Appearing for sentencing for the assault of Mark Gracey and disorderly behaviour was Philip Wilson from Larchwood in the town.

Wilson was sentenced to six months in prison which was suspended for two years.

His case was adjourned from last week to allow the court time to check if Wilson had paid compensation in a previous case.

His barrister explained that this money had been paid in full.

He also told District Judge Mr Paul Copeland that Wilson had spent a few days in custody at the outset before bail conditions were set.

Since then he said his client had been on very strict bail conditions which included a curfew.

Mr Copeland told Wilson he had a “propensity for getting involved in violent conduct” and if this continued he would go to prison.

Wilson was ordered to pay compensation of £500 to the victim of the assault and warned that if the money is not paid within eight weeks, then he will spend a fortnight in jail.