Trust management go front-of-house for fundraiser

A TEN-strong team will take up a fundraising challenge at the Southern Area Hospice shop in Banbridge this month.

On November 16 volunteers from the staff - including managers - of the Southern Trust will work in the Hospice shop for the day.

The purpose of this event is for Volunteers from the staff sector of the Southern Trust to form teams and each take over a Southern Area Hospice Facility – quite simply to raise as much cash as possible.

The Banbridge Team intend to do this by raffling donated prizes from local businesses, as well as items sold in store on the day and various fundraising events and awareness sessions from now until November 16.

The Banbridge team will consist of management and supervisors from the Acute Sector as well as front line staff including Midwives and they will be aiming to raise as much cash on the day as possible, as well as raising funds in the run-up to the day.

Blaithnid McCooey, a member of Team Banbridge, said, “To enable the Southern Area Hospice to care and support patients and their families, they rely heavily on fundraising, with 73p in ever pound coming from a fundraising event.

“The support of local people from the local and surrounding communities as well as from local businesses is pivotal to the continued success of the Southern Area Hospice and donations however large or small are gratefully accepted.

“With an estimated daily running cost of £6,027 across the Southern Area, they would be grateful for any support that your business could give in making ‘The Apprentice – You’re Hired!’ challenge 2012 a huge success.”