Trust can’t give a length of time for disruption

PENDING a full risk assessment the Southern Health and Social Care Trust is unable to confirm the duration of disruption to Skeagh House residents, a spokesperson said.

“Builders and Engineers currently assessing landslip damage to a row of houses directly behind Skeagh House have advised that a retaining wall to the rear of the home is at risk of collapse,” she said.

“As a precautionary measure, the Southern Trust was advised on Wednesday 26 March to relocate all 17 residents.

“The safety and wellbeing of each of the residents is our priority and we can advise that by early Wednesday evening all 17 residents were relocated.

“The Trust worked with the residents and their families and other homes to identify suitable alternative accommodation and to ensure the residents’ transfer from Skeagh House went smoothly and with minimal disruption.

“Five residents went home, six residents were relocated to Crozier House, Banbridge and six residents were relocated to independent sector care homes in Dromore, Banbridge and Newry.

“The residents and their families were most accommodating and understood the Trust’s necessity to evacuate the home and keep the residents safe.” The spokesperson said keyworkers would be in contact with all residents to ensure they were well following their relocation; their families were being kept informed of the situation, she said.

“Staff from Skeagh House are supporting staff in Crozier House,” she added, “and have offered support to the other care homes should they need additional help or information.

“Trust Estates are working with the builders and engineers to assess the situation but until a full risk assessment is carried out we are not able to confirm the length of time of this disruption.”