Trocaire thanks local supporters

Dear Editor,

Over almost four decades people from Co. Down have transformed the lives of thousands of the world’s poorest people by contributing through the Trocaire box during Lent. Your county has joined people right across Ireland, north and south, in donating some £214 million through the Trocaire box since the Lenten campaign began. Through recession and bad times, Co. Down has stood by people in the developing world and you are still doing so today.

There’s been a real sense of despondency and low morale here at home due to the economic climate but Trocaire’s work is something that we can celebrate. It turns despair into hope all over the world and it’s something of which everyone in Co. Down can be proud. Every penny and pound you have put into our box over the last 38 years has travelled the world giving the poor a voice and a new lease on life.

Because of people from Co. Down farmers’ crops are flourishing in tiny, forgotten communities, parents now earn a dignified living, the potential of women is being unlocked and children have a bright future to enjoy. You’ve given people freedom from hunger, from want, from injustice, and you’ve given them hope.

Everyone who takes a Trocaire box into their home this Lent is helping to change things for the better and we thank you for it.

Yours sincerely, Eithne McNulty, Regional Manger, Trocaire.