Redcoats leaving you red-faced with anger

OUR front page story last week about how the number of parking tickets issued in the district has almost doubled has picked up quite a reaction on Facebook over the last few days.

You have been saying that businesses are being affected by what you view as over-zealous traffic wardens as deliveries attempt to unload while another big gripe for motorists is taxis who double park.

Here’s what you’ve had to say - and don’t forget you can continue the debate on our Facebook page and on our websites:

Amanda Porter - “Trying to run a business in this town is a disaster with those traffic wardens. My business is used by tradesmen driving larger vehicles or else entering the store two or three times a day. There’s not even a 10 minute grace, they just pounce”

Scott Jardine - “Do you ever see the taxi drivers getting tickets for double parking or parking on double yellow lines all the time? I think not!”

Amanda Porter - “I was driving round town today an it was like an obstacle course, weaving in and out of double parked people.”

Michelle Copeland - “If there were taxi ranks like there are in other big towns they wouldn’t be double parked. I’m sure people are glad of these taxis when they’re looking a lift...”

Neil Reid - “I would actively encourage further enforcement of parking restrictions in Dromore. Townsfolk pay no attention to double yellow lines, no parking areas or disabled bays with no thought or consideration for others. At times Princes Street isn’t even able to handle two-way traffic due to the inconsiderate and illegal actions of others. We have ample parking facilities in the town centre, so no excuses!”

Donna Sally - “I agree with Amanda. My hairdressers’ delivery van was told to move or he would get a ticket. What are business people meant to do to get their stock? I had two wee kids in my car one day and I parked outside Elliott’s for not more thst two mins when one came running across the road to book me. I explained that I was keeping an eye on the babies in the back of the car and was only going in for one item but he wouldnt listen to me and gave me a ticket. Even the butcher came out and give off to him but it didnt matter.”

Scott Jardine - “Why don’t they make Kenlis Street beside Shepherd’s a taxi rank. You can never get a parking spot anyway up that street.

Michelle Copeland “There’s more than just taxis which park there. I think what the problem really is is the price of car parking spaces. It’s the same in Tesco where disability spaces are taken by drivers who don’t need them, parent and children spaces taken by drivers without children - it’s the same everywhere.”