Transport Minister in Council talks

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Transport Minister Danny Kennedy has met with members of Banbridge District Council to discuss local concerns.

Councillor Olive Mercer thanked the Minister for his visit on Monday.

She commented: “It was an excellent meeting and I believe we made our case very well. “

“One of the major concerns is public sector jobs in Banbridge,” explained Mrs Mercer. “Local councillors are fighting to keep jobs in Banbridge and to attract new opportunities to the town.

“Several government agencies have moved jobs out of Banbridge in recent years and we asked Danny Kennedy to ensure that if the executive are considering further relocations that they prioritise Banbridge.”

The issue of park and rides along the M1 corridor was also raised.

Mrs Mercer said: “At present many commuters park their cars by the side of the road to share transport to Belfast. These commuters deserve a dedicated park and ride which will encourage people to car share or use public transport.”

Public transport was also mentioned in some detail with a particular emphasis on the Scarva train station.

Mrs Mercer said: “We are keen to see more frequent stops at this station to encourage residents to commute via train. This would further boost record levels of passenger growth.”