Vehicles damaged due to surface - MLA

Sydney Anderson MLA
Sydney Anderson MLA

Vehicles are getting damaged around Pinley in Banbridge due to resurfacing work, according to DUP MLA Sydney Anderson.

He claimed dozens of vehicles were getting damaged due to loose chippings left after work carried out last month.

Mr Anderson stated, “In recent days I have received calls to my constituency office from residents who are unhappy about the conditions of roads in the Pinley area.

“Subsequently, I took time to visit the area and speak to local residents who have informed me that their vehicles are being continually damaged by loose chippings which are coming up off the road surface and causing damage to their vehicles.

“I am aware that at the latter end of 2015 the roads in the Pinley area were being resurfaced but I have been informed by some residents that they now believe that the road is in a worse condition than it was before the commencement of this resurfacing.”

Mr Anderson said that action needs to be taken straight away by Transport NI.

“Ultimately, people living in the area do want to see a situation continuing in which their cars are being continually damaged and action needs to be taken to remedy this situation,” he said.

“Although sweeping of the road has taken place to remove loose road chippings, this is only a temporary sticking plaster solution.

“I will now be in contact with Transport NI and requesting them to revisit the roads which have been impacted in the Pinley area.

“I will also be calling on them to take action to improve the current surface.

A spokesperson for Transport NI confirmed that a surface treatment scheme was carried out at the end of 2015 but claimed it is normal for there to be some shedding of stones following the treatment. The spokesperson said staff visited the site on January 7 following complaints from residents and elected representatives and confirmed that the contractors sweeper was on site and had just completed sweeping Edendell, Granville Heights and Ballygowan Park.

The spokesperson for the DRD said, “It is normal for there to be some shedding of stones from any surface following treatment. The Contractor completed sweeping all treated areas. TransportNI will monitor progress.”