Call for improved animal welfare

MLA Sydney Anderson
MLA Sydney Anderson

Local DUP Assembly candidate Sydney Anderson has called for more action to be taken to improve animal welfare in Northern Ireland.

Mr Anderson said, “There has been progress in tackling the scourge of animal cruelty in recent years it has to be recognised that there is still much more that can be done.

“We need to make sure animals are protected through the sharing of relevant data on offenders and effective communication between agencies, charities and those involved in the sale of animals.

“We cannot allow the situation where convicted animals abusers are able to carry out heinous acts of abuse by purchasing animals from innocent suppliers.

“With a register we will be further aided in our fight to tackle the evils of animal abuse.”

He went onto say, “This is a proposal that is now gaining cross-party support and hopefully we will see such a central pool of information being set up so animals are given the protection they so rightly deserve.”