DESCENDANTS of the late William Logan, often described as the 'Father' of Banbridge, say they believe their famous relative would be proud of his relatives who have chosen to remain in his 'beloved town'.

Last week a reception in honour of Mr Logan was held in Banbridge Civic Buildings, at which a number of pictures and items were presented by his grand-daughter Joan Petticrew to the local authority.

However, the event has proven somewhat controversial for Mr Logan's descendants who still live in Banbridge, given that they were unaware it was taking place.

In a letter to the Leader Mr Logan's great grand-daughter Lydia McAleenan said that it was with 'utter astonishment' that she read the article in last week's paper referring to the civic reception.

"Why? Because I am William Logan's great grand-daughter and along with my brother, Jeremy Johnston and mother, Pauline Johnston have lived in Banbridge our entire lives," she explained.

"So you can imagine my surprise to read there had been a civic reception in honour of my great grandfather and none of my immediate family had been made aware or invited to it.

"Obviously the organisers thought it would be more appropriate to invite those members of the family who, although claiming to 'love' Banbridge, chose never to live in it and only visit when a civic function beckons," she added.

"I never had the honour of meeting William Logan but learnt of his kindness and generosity from my mother Pauline and grandmother Holly, his only child.

"I have been told that my great grandfather was often referred to as the 'Mayor' or 'Father' of Banbridge and I can only imagine that he would be very proud of his descendants who remained in his beloved town.

"As a family we do not seek to glory in William Logan's name; it is enough for us to know he was a truly exceptional person but my family continues his legacy by living in the town he loved so much and by telling people what a wonderful place it really still is," Lydia concluded.

When contacted by the Leader, Mrs Petticrew said she had not been in contact with the Banbridge based relatives of Mr Logan for a number of years, and their names had not been added to the guest list provided to the organisers of the event.