Town beauty organiser is subjected to online abuse

Taylor-Rae Hamilton
Taylor-Rae Hamilton

Banbridge people have rallied behind local beauty pageant organiser Taylor-Rae Hamilton, after she came under attack on social media.

Taylor-Rae said the support, much coming from local people, had made her feel “truly humble”.

The local actor, model and dancer was sujected to a torrent of abuse online, following her response to a discussion about child beauty pageants on a local radio station - The Leader will not repeat the unfounded allegations.

The local woman, who has raised around £30,000 for charity through her beauty pageants, had said: “I am a Child Beauty Pageant Director, I have been running Child Beauty Pageants for four years now, however, my pageants are completely child friendly. They are all natural and promote inner beauty and self confidence. We believe that every child is beautiful and deserves to feel special.”

Following her post, Taylor-Rae was subjected to personal and professional abuse from several sources online.

However, many local people leapt to Taylor-Rae’s defence, with one supporter saying: “Taylor has helped so many charities and helped raise confidence in these young girls. She has made them all winners.”

Taylor-Rae, who cannot comment on the specific

remarks made against her for legal reasons, said: “I am so hurt and saddened by the lies.

“The people of Northern Ireland have stuck by me and has made me truly humble to the backing that I have received on the Downtown Radio Facebook page.

“This Sunday we are set to make well over £5,000 for Make A Wish in our Mini Miss European Northern Ireland Pageant, adding a running total of over £30,000 from my pageants, which my pageants are all about.”