Told police he had paid for drink and was finishing it

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While drinking alcohol from a bottle as he walked in the early hours of the morning in Banbridge a 21-year-old man refused to stop because he had paid for the drink.

Elliott Gibson, Weavers Lodge, Donaghcloney, became abusive to officers and was eventually arrested for disorderly behaviour.

For the offence he was fined £200 last Wednesday at Banbridge Magistrates Court and ordered to pay a £15 offender’s levy.

The court heard that on July 14 this year at approximately 1.30am Gibson was walking in Church Street, Banbridge, and drinking alcohol from a bottle.

Police asked him to stop as it was an offence to drink in a public place.

He told them: “F—k off. I f—king for paid for that. I’ll drink it.”

Police poured the drink away and Gibson said: “I f—king paid for that. Are you going to give me the money for that? It’s not fair.”

He continued to shout and swear despite a friend trying to calm him down and was arrested for disorderly behaviour. A solicitor representing Gibson said his client had been drinking all day and had very little recollection of the incident.

He would apologise to the officer for his behaviour.

The solicitor added alcohol and the defendant just do not mix at all.

He said that Gibson had now found full time employment and his mother had noticed a change in him since he started working.

District Judge, Mr Paul Copeland, said the defendant’s work was to do with a youth group and he did not a good example for them on July 14.