Three injured in Lurgan Road collision

A 17 year old teenager and another two people were taken to hospital by ambulance following a collision on the Lurgan Road outside Dromore.

The accident, which occurred on Saturday December 28, happened just after midnight.

The 17 year old was removed from a car by firefighters using cutting gear.

The other two people, a man and a woman, were out of their car on arrival of NIFRS. All were taken to hospital by ambulance.

UUP Councillor, Carol Black, wished all those involved a speedy recovery. She said: “My thoughts are with the people involved”.

Speaking of conditions on the road she said: “Local people are only too aware that the Lurgan Road is a dangerous road from one end to the other, with several sharp bends along it.

“Although it is just a country road, there are accidents on it all the time and all drivers need to remember to take their time on it.

“This road is the main route from Dromore town centre to Lurgan and so although it is only a rural road it nevertheless has a substantial volume of traffic along it.

“At this time of year weather conditions also compound safety issues on the road.”

The past number of years have seen road improvements including a road re-alignment scheme which was undertaken on the continuing stretch of this road, at Watties Hill, between the Dromore Road and the New Forge Road junction and Gamblestown.

Also a right turning lane was constructed at the junction of the Dromore Road and New Forge Road.

Councillor Black was concerned that these straightened areas were lulling motorists into a false sense of security about the speed they were comfortable with, not realising some very sharp bends lay further ahead.

Councillor Black concluded that she is calling on the Roads Service Department to continue their assessment of the location to determine if there are any further measures which will improve road safety in the area.