The rising costs of getting buried

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The cost of being buried in Banbridge is amongst the highest in Northern Ireland according to the GMB union.

Banbridge District Council ranked third out of the 17 councils in the country surveyed, with the price for a burial coming in at £610.

Omagh, with a population similar to the Banbridge district, charges £245 for a burial. That’s a decrease of £365.

A local undertaker, who did not wish to be named, believed that the residents of Banbridge were being asked to pay too much.

He said, “Personally speaking I think that it’s a bit tight of the council to expect people to pay that, especially in the current economic climate.

“What’s worse is that if you live outside the district and want to get buried in the area the price doubles.

“I have tried in the past to encourage the councillors to lower the costs but to no avail.

“At £610 for a burial if you live locally and over £1,200 for someone from outside the district it fairly shoots the cost of a funeral up.

“I encourage everyone to take out a funeral plan to help spread the costs and to help ease the burden of costs on your loved ones.”

A council spokesperson said, “The costs for burials and cremation are set by the council itself following consultation with the finance department.

“Following the last consultation in 2012 the council decided to freeze the cost for three years, meaning there will be no further price rises for the next two years. We realise that it is a sensitive time for the families who require a burial plot but unfortunately this is a necessary cost.”