The mystery of the honeybee

WE all know honeybees can sting, but why do some strains sting more than others and why does the sting continue to pump venom into the body?

Vanessa Drew, member of Dromore Beekeepers’ Association, knows the answer to these and a myriad of other questions and will be sharing her knowledge at a meeting in Dromore High School on Tuesday, February 19.

Vanessa has studied bee anatomy in depth and recently addressed a class of UBKA beekeepers who are preparing for their Senior Certificate in the subject. In her address, she combined talking about the anatomy of the sting with the heart of the bee and it is this lecture she will be repeating for Dromore Beekeepers at their meeting this month.

Dromore Beekeepers’ Association actively encourages beekeeping education and its monthly meetings vary between scientific subjects and more practical topics, such as candle-making which will be the theme in March. The April meeting will take ‘Spring management of bees’ as its monthly focus.

Vanessa gained her Senior Certificate in Beekeeping from the Federation of Irish Beekeepers’ Associations last year and is now applying for her Lecturer’s qualification at the FIBKA Summer Beekeeping School at Gormanston in July 2013.

She also has a wealth of experience from conducting an Intermediate Beekeeping Course in Dromore and in lecturing at association meetings.

Her lecture will be held in the science centre at Dromore High School, starting at 7.30pm. All beekeepers and anyone considering taking up the ancient craft will be made welcome.