Thanks to Christian Aid volunteers

One hundred volunteers across the Banbridge area helped out during this year’s Christian Aid Week through house-to-house collections and Christian Aid wants to say thank you to those who helped and all who kindly donated!

Margaret Copeland, Banbridge’s Christian Aid organiser says that the volunteers have helped to raise nearly £9,000, which is up by £1,000 on last year. Margaret said, “I think we were better received around the houses this year. In general, people are trying to give to charity and help out.”

Through Christian Aid’s famous “red envelope” scheme, the kindness of the people of Banbridge was displayed as they help Christian Aid and their fight against poverty. Margaret added, “I would like to thank all volunteers, without them we would be lost. And I would also like to thank the generous people of Banbridge.”

Five churches in Banbridge came together to help raise money also and the money continues to come in from all places across our area. By raising money through these events, Christian Aid can continue to work with local organisations around the world to help provide a better future for those who are less fortunate.

This year’s focus of Christian Aid Week was on a rural village in Sierra Leone which was impoverished. Through your donations, Christian Aid was able to give the people tools to help create a sustainable supply of food.

And for your kind donations, Christian Aid would like extend a massive thank you to the people of Banbridge!