Sweet success for beekeepers at annual show


Dromore Beekeepers Association held its annual honey show at Hillsborough’s Village Centre, where judges Jim Fletcher and Tom Canning were kept busy with the large entry.

Prizewinners - Two Containers Cut Comb, Alan Porter (Ballynahinch); Two Sections, Patrick Lundy (Ballynahinch);Two Jars Light Honey, Patrick Lundy; Two Jars Medium Honey, Walter McNeill (Antrim); Two Jars Dark Honey, Cecil McMullan (Hillsborough); Jar of Honey for Tasting, Joe Bingham (Newcastle); Two Jars Chunk Honey, Alan Porter; Cake of Beeswax , Jesus Borobia; Frame of Honey for extraction, Joe Thompson (Newcastle); Three Beeswax candles, Lorna Oliver (Hillsborough); Six Jars of Honey for sale, Walter McNeill; Honey Cake, Rita Seery (Newry); Bottle Sweet Mead, Christina Bradley (Portadown); Bottle Dry Mead, Hugh Holmes (Portadown); Bottle Metheglin, Christina Bradley; Photographic Class, Jesus Borobia; Beekeeping Invention, Joe Thompson; Honey Pot , Tom Canning (Armagh); Novice Class, Lorna Oliver (Hillsborough); Maximum Points, Jesus Borobia; Supreme Run Honey, Walter McNeill; Supreme Comb Honey, Joe Thompson; Best in Show, Joe Thompson.

Children’s Art Key Stage One - First Holly Hutchinson P2 Anahilt PS; Second, Victoria Shannon Riverdale PS; Third Katie B P3 Meadow Bridge.

Children’s Art KS Two - First Bobbie Atcheson, Riverdale PS; Second Caleb Maguire Dromara PS; Third, Jessica Lamont, Anahilt PS.