Stuffed drugs into underwear

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A 20 year old Banbridge man hid two bags of herbal cannabis down his underwear when he was stopped by the police.

Adam Boswell from Limewood, Banbridge, appeared before the town’s Magistrates Court last Thursday and pleaded guilty to possessing a class B controlled drug, disorderly behaviour, obstructing a police search and resisting police.

The court heard how Boswell ran away from officers shouting abuse at them as he left.

The District Judge described Boswell as a ‘persistent offender’.

Boswell, who is currently serving a prison sentence for assault, was given a three month custodial sentence which will run concurrently.

The court heard how at 9am on 10 March, police were on mobile patrol at Brookfield Park, Banbridge, when they spotted Boswell, who was acting suspiciously.

Police suspected that he was under the influence of cannabis.

A subsequent search revealed two bags containing suspected herbal cannabis in his right fleece pocket.

He was then seen putting the bags down the front of his underwear.

When officers made him aware of their observations, he shouted “What the f*** I ain’t done nothing wrong.”

He then ran off and shouted back, “F*** off you black ****s.”

Boswell was then seen hiding the two bags behind a fence before making off again on foot and shouting more abuse behind him at officers.

The court heard that Boswell was at large for two months.

He was later arrested on unrelated matters.

A solicitor said his client had a serious drugs problem and now found himself in the Young Offenders Centre.

The solicitor said Boswell was now receiving support and counselling and there was hope for the future.

District Judge Mr Paul Copeland described Boswell as a “persistent offender with multiple convictions for drugs offending”.