Stray dog warning after sheep worrying


Local dog owners are being urged to be responsible for their pets and to be careful not to allow their dog to stray.

Banbridge District Council is appealing to dog owners, particularly those living in rural areas,

This follows a number of complaints recently received by the Council from local farmers whose sheep have been attacked by stray dogs in and around the Banbridge area.

A spokesperson for Banbridge District Council said; “Legislation places the onus on dog owners to keep their dogs secured on their property, and when out, on a lead at all times particularly in areas where livestock graze.

“If owners allow their dog to stray and carry out such attacks, they are committing an offence under the Dogs (Northern Ireland) Order 1983 as amended.”

The Leader has been told by the council that there are no specific areas where straying dogs is particularly bad, although “rural areas that back onto housing developments would be more prone to straying animals simply due to the greater number of animals in the area that may potentially stray”.

Councillor Joan Baird also appealed to local pet owners to stop their dogs from straying.

She said: “All pets should be kept under control at all times and not and not allowed to stray into farming ground.

“It is coming into lambing season and this will cause concern to the farming community.”

To report a livestock or sheep worrying complaint please contact the Banbridge District Council Dog Warden on T: 028 4066 0606.