Stink is raised over dog bins

Overflowing dog bins
Overflowing dog bins

The council has said the problem of overflowing dog waste bins along the tow path at Scarva is being caused by members of the public misusing them.

Bags of dog dirt, along with regular rubbish, spilling out onto the grass from a bin at the local beauty-spot were snapped and shared on social media by Cathy Armstrong who said: “Every bin along that stretch of canal was overflowing with rubbish”.

Describing the mess as ‘disgraceful’ she continued: “Surely that means the routine for emptying them needs revising or the amount of bins needs reviewing.”

The council, however, say the problem is arising because members of the public are using the dog waste bins to dispose of regular rubbish.

A spokesperson for the council said: “We are aware of dog bins being full on the towpath, however this was down to the fact that the public were using them to deposit general rubbish.”

Commenting on the schedule for collection, the spokesperson continued: “These bins are contracted to be emptied on a weekly basis.”

Cathy became aware of the problem while walking in the area two weeks ago, and after cleaning up behind her dog, couldn’t find a bin that wasn’t overflowing to use.

Rather than add to the mess Cathy was forced to bring it home with her.

“It’s not the first time I’ve had to do that,” she said, “I choose to have a dog and to clean up after it.”

But pointing out that people are misusing the dog waste bins and referring to Cathy’s photograph, Ian Clyde said: “So does the purple coffee cup in that bin have dog poo in it?

“If not it should have been put in a normal bin, and yes people who leave rubbish beside the bin are lazy. They should take it home or put it in the next bin they see.

“Would you put dog poo in your kitchen bin? So why vice versa?”

Cathy, however, pointed out that the reason people are placing regular rubbish in dog waste bins, is because the regular bins are also full.

She said: “People who use bins are not lazy. People who drop litter are lazy. I think we all pay enough rates, it’s improved service for that money I’d like to see.

“I agree people should take it home instead of just dumping it, but there is a problem which needs addressing.”