‘Speed control needed at main road schools’

The Loughbrickland to Rathfriland Road at the entrance to Bronte Primary School. Pic by Edward Byrne Photography
The Loughbrickland to Rathfriland Road at the entrance to Bronte Primary School. Pic by Edward Byrne Photography

All primary schools situated on main roads in the Banbridge area should have traffic speed control measures in place.

That’s the view of local Ulster Unionist Councillor Glenn Barr, who has called on TransportNI to take action before it is too late.

UUP Cllr Glenn Barr.

UUP Cllr Glenn Barr.

Mr Barr said he was calling for the implementation of speed control measures where a main road passes a school.

And he highlighted a series of near misses at local schools to support his plea.

“Quite rightly we have had speed control measures at Annaclone Primary School and at Bridge Integrated Primary School,” he said.

“We need this extended to other schools such as Milltown Primary at Lenaderg and Bronte Primary School.

“However there are many more that need these measures introduced.

“Only last week there was a three car pile-up at Milltown Primary School.

“Luckily there was no-one injured but this proves that there needs to be measures introduced at this spot as a matter of urgency.

“Recently a car crashed into the wall of the school at the Bronte Primary School.

“I have written to TransportNI several times calling for this to happen.

“This is why we need the Assembly up and running asap, so that those elected to hold civil servants accountable do so.”

Mrs Caroline Garrett, principal of Milltown Primary, said she’s supportive of Cllr Barr’s efforts to secure traffic calming measures outside schools. And she stressed that her school has been trying for a number of years to get road safety improvements put in place on the road outside its gates.

Mrs Elizabeth Davidson, principal of Bronte Primary School, said the school has been supporting parents in their campaign for improved safety measures on the road outside the school.

“As far as I am aware we are next in line for some speed calming measures, but due to the ongoing problems with local government [the political impasse at Stormont] it hasn’t happened yet.

“The work had been due to be carried out in December, but unfortunately it didn’t happen. Hopefully it goes ahead soon and we get our speed calming measures as soon as possible,” she said.