Soon-to-depart Dromore Head thanks parents for support


Dromore High School’s

soon-to-depart principal

has written to parents to

explain his decision to leave and thank them for their


Further to last week’s anouncement that he would retire as Dromore High School principal at the end of February next year, Mr Wilkinson asked parents to forgive his “failings and shortcomings”.

He urged them too, upon appointment of a new principal, to continue to have faith in the work being done at the school.

Having been appointed to the helm of Dromore High at the age of 40, Mr Wilkinson said principalship was quite a daunting experience.

It was, however, one to which he felt God’s call.

In the ensuing years, he said, he had often reflected on the achievement secured and urged himself to do more.

“Setting high standards and endeavouring to continuously improve put pressure on the school,” he wrote, “but nothing could have been achieved without the strength and support of the governors, staff, parents and pupils.”

It was with mixed emotions, he said, that he advised parents of his intention to resign as principal.

However, in doing so, he said, it was his sincere hope that the school would be taken to the next level of achievement and performance of which it was “undoubtedly” capable, this with a new principal possessed of vision, skill, energy, commitment and passion.

Mr Wilkinson said his time at what he called a relatively young, yet flourishing, school had made for an exciting experience.

“It has been a pleasure to work with dedicated governors,” he wrote, “and to lead and engage with professional teaching and support staff.

“Our pupils have been amazing fun to engage with.

“These pupils form a microcosm of the world and take their place in society holding down many academic and vocational positions.

“I have always valued the role you, as parents, perform in the life of this school.

“Your support has been encouraging and directive.”

Mr Wilkinson said he had timed his retirmeent announcement to enable governors to to arrange the appointment of a successor early in the school year.

“My sincere hope and prayer is that God will continue to bless this school in all of its endeavours,” he added.

Intent on being a teacher since he was a young boy, he said, he hoped he had impacted the lives of young people for good.

“It has been a humbling yet enormously satisfying experience serving you all,” he wrote.