Sing for life charity choir appeal


A Drumbeg woman is appealing to local people to help raise a mammoth £16,000 by February 27 for Sing for Life, a community choir for those affected by cancer.

Sing for Life was developed through a partnership between Cancer Focus Northern Ireland and the Crescent Arts Centre.

The money raised in this appeal will be used to send Sing for Life members on a journey to Wales to perform with Sing With Us.

Heather Bamford joined the 100-strong choir after her husband, David, passed away from melanoma nine years ago. She was feeling bewildered and isolated but has received tremendous support from the people she has met in the choir. Heather is calling on local people to support the online fundraiser. She said: “Music has always played a very large part in my life so it seemed an excellent idea to join a group in which others had been affected by cancer. Like so many choir members, I’ve been helped enormously to cope with the situation in which I now find myself and could not speak highly enough about my experiences with Sing for Life.”