Simpson’s query is ‘side-stepped’

THE Prime Minister failed to put the minds of rural motorists at ease after he ‘side-stepped’ questions from Upper Bann MP David Simpson during a Commons debate last week.

Mr Simpson had called for the Government to consider rural rebate schemes for drivers in rural area - similar to one which is already being planned in Scotland. But David Cameron was indirect in answering the question, according to Mr Simpson.

During Prime Minister’s questions, Upper Bann MP David Simpson said petrol was reaching 135p per litre, forcing many motorists to go across the border to fill their vehicles.

Pointing to the loss of revenue, he urged the coalition Government to extend the planned pilot for Scotland that will introduce a discount of up to 5p on a litre of fuel for some rural areas.

Mr Cameron said, “I understand the cross-border problem and that fuel smuggling between Northern Ireland and the Republic has been a real problem.

“The Chief Secretary to the Treasury would have heard him ask for the expansion of the scheme that was in the Budget.”