Simpson Highlights the Persecuted Church

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David Simpson MP has raised the issue of those across the world who are being persecuted as a result of freely expressing their faith.

Mr Simpson raised his concerns during two debates in Westminster in which human rights in Saudi Arabia and Burma were highlighted.

During his intervention Mr Simpson raised the particular attention to Christian believers in these countries who cannot even seek permanent work, nor can they openly use a bible or any Christian symbols.

Part of Mr Simpson’s intervention stated that, “surely more pressure can be brought to bear for the defence of Christians and their beliefs”.

Katy Clark MP, who was hosting the debate agreed that this was an incredibly important point and that there needed to be a “consistent position in relation to the defence of the rights of people to hold their religious views”.

Following the debate, David Simpson said: “I am fairly happy with the acknowledgment the Government has given to defend the rights of Christian people across the world. This is a massive issue that effects thousands across the world and it is a sad reflection on society when people have to hide in their homes to practice their faith as they fear that authorities will punish them to the full extent. As a community we must make every effort to raise awareness of individual cases of Christian persecution and ensure that believers right around the world can live in a free and fair society.”