Simpson calls for an urgent crackdown on drugs urgentcrackdown

Upper Bann MP David Simpson is calling for a crackdown on drugs and so called ‘legal highs’.

Wednesday, 27th May 2015, 8:10 am

Mr Simpson is seeking an urgent meeting with the Justice Minister David Ford following growing concerns of ‘inadequate sentences that do not deter reoffending.’

In recent months the issue of ‘legal highs’ has become more prominent.

Mr Simpson said greater controls must be put in place to fight the ‘scourge’ 
on the streets.

“We are hearing more and more of drugs misuse and so-called legal highs are becoming common place within our communities,” said the local MP.

“We need tougher laws imposed and I have requested an urgent meeting with the Justice Minister to discuss how these crimes are progressed through our 
justice system.

“Inadequate sentences, handed down when those who are caught come before the courts, undermines the work of the police and breeds a culture of disrespect for the law.

“Weak sentencing does not deter re-offending and I would urge the Department of Justice to use their influence to ensure that sentences are at a sufficient level to act as a deterrent.

“The fight against drug crime is a difficult battle and the police do some sterling work but their efforts are often undone when the offender is brought before the courts. It is time for a more joined-up approach.”