Shop owners’ worry over a wee problem

Jinglers Court Banbridge �Edward Byrne Photography INBL1529-288EB
Jinglers Court Banbridge �Edward Byrne Photography INBL1529-288EB

A local business owner at Jinglers Court has said she is ‘exasperated’ at people using the shopping mall to urinate, even in daylight hours.

Roisin McAleenan of Angelic Bridal and Boutique has been based at Jinglers Court for over nine years and says this problem has been going on for many years now.

“I am exasperated at mothers and fathers using Jinglers Court as a public toilet for their children,” she said.

“Not only is opposite my door, but it’s right beside The Bistro Restaurant.

“It’s not only adults with children, but adult males who get caught short too.

“When I challenge the adults and point out that there is a public toilet in Supervalu I get verbal abuse, I’m just sick to death of it.

“With the restaurant next door, its just inexplicable that this would happen in broad daylight.”

Shoppers in Jingler’s Court are also appalled by the antisocial behaviour with some calling for signs to be put up directing people to public toilets in the area and reminding people it is an offence to urinate in public.

Calling for a something to be done about the problem, Councillor Glenn Barr said: “This is just awful for everybody.

“I know sometimes kids get caught short but this is a situation that just shouldn’t be happening on a regular basis like this - especially when there are public toilets just around the corner.

“I have two kids myself and I know sometimes you have to run into a shop, but to go outside a shop is strange when you have public toilets a two-minute walk away. There are toilets at the top of town and also across the road in Supervalu, so there is no excuse.

“I feel for the shop owners there, who have to put up with the smell of urine and really, a solution needs to be found.”

Meanwhile Police in Banbridge are urging anyone who has concerns about antisocial behaviour to report it to them.

A spokesperson said: “Urinating in public can constitute an offence under indecency laws and we would encourage the public to make use of public toilet facilities in the town.

“If business owners in the town have concerns they should contact police in Banbridge on 101.”