Shock over Dromore pensioners’ homes

SDLP local government election candidate Maureen Litter has expressed shock at the state of inclines leading to the homes of pensioners in Dromore.

Standing for election in the new Lagan River district electoral area, Mrs Litter visited Dromore and was speaking to residents who outlined the problems they faced.

“Without doubt,” she said, “the Laganvale Estate is one of the most unsuitable areas to have built pensioners’ homes.

“I believe I am reasonably fit but by the time I climbed up the steps to these homes I was breathless.

“Even taking the route where cars go up towards these homes is exceptionally steep.

“One of my colleagues spoke to a resident who said it was not a suitable place to live, and believed the Housing Executive should do something to help them.

“For the elderly living in this area to get out and about in bad weather is very difficult.

“I’m sure they feel like prisoners in their own homes.

“The Housing Executive should invest in new homes for the elderly in Dromore and only use these houses for those who feel fit and able to negotiate the hills”.